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Work with The Muse to cultivate resilient, committed teams with our Employee Career Coaching Program.

Coach Connect for Business


Cultivate resilient, committed teams that help companies grow.


Support team members through change during the outplacement process.


Invest in your team, build a strong brand, and retain top talent.


Employee Career Coaching

The Muse’s Employee Career Coaching Program is designed to quickly identify areas of career growth and skills refinement to support your employees to collaborate more seamlessly, deliver better quality work, and feel more empowered and motivated in the long run. We support employees at any level, matching them with coaches who best fit their needs and level of expertise.

Employee Development and Growth

The Muse Coach Connect gives your employees the unique opportunity to work with a coach, one-on-one, to improve their hard and soft skills. Progress happens. Results are measured.


All great leaders have gotten help along the way. Leadership coaching can help your employees become better managers, establish themselves as leaders, and, in general, excel within your organization.

New Management

Just because someone’s good at their job or an excellent leader, doesn’t mean they know how to manage. Our coaches will help your new managers learn how to build and develop strong and e!ective boss-employee relationships.


Productivity skills are something that can always be improved. Our coaches can help your employees with time management, prioritization, organization, and more.


Teamwork is essential for success–especially for remote teams. Our coaches will help your employees learn how to communicate better within any team culture.


Outplacement Coaching

We’ll help you let go of employees with the care and support they need to keep thriving in their careers. Valuing them and their future builds a culture of success that goes beyond supporting teams. Programs are designed based on the three career levels:

Individual Contributors

Coach Connect Participant Feedback

“Leto was wonderful to work with! She was excellent in challenging me with manageable steps to improve immediately, as well as providing a longer view for continued growth.”

“I never thought coaching will help me so much. I am so happy that I signed up for it. Some areas it has been really eye opening for me. I will work on every aspect that we discussed and always remember valuable inputs that I got from the coach”

 “My sessions with Steve have single-handedly helped me get more done at work, learn some leadership skills to carry my career forward, and do it all while being able to create more time with my family. I can immediately apply what I’ve learned in my career.”