Your Culture. Our Canvas.

Our unique talent sourcing and engagement platform replaces outdated talent acquisition methods with a three-prong approach that helps you source top next-gen talent faster and easier than ever before.

Talent Attraction Platform

Connecting Your EVP to Exceptional Hires

Our proprietary platform amplifies your employer brand and EVP. It connects candidates well-versed in your organizational ethos, culture, and values to your jobs in our marketplace, which convert into higher-quality applicants in less time.

Employer-Branded Storytelling

Showcasing Your Culture to Captivate Next-Gen Talent

As the pioneers of authentic employer brand storytelling, we highlight your unique culture and values in a way that resonates with the talent you seek.

Highly-Informed and Diverse Audience

The Premiere Destination for Career-minded Women and Gen-Z Talent 

We attract a diverse audience of over 5 million career-minded women and next-gen individuals curated through trusted content and community engagement that convert into higher quality applicants for your jobs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The story from others was a volume game. But people want a genuine conversation about what it’s like to work somewhere. The future and the differentiator for companies is going to be meeting talent where they are. And The Muse does that.”

“We’re competing for specialized talent that’s in high demand, so where we can win is really describing our mission and our culture inside The Post. Platforms like The Muse help us share those stories and build that case so we can actually attract someone from the bigger companies to want to work for a mission and for a culture like The Post.”

“There’s so much more value in showcasing your amazing talent and workplace culture with real stories than by simply telling people the same. The Muse is our trusted co-author as we pursue our goal of becoming the best place to work in the world.”

Inspire Inclusion This Women’s History Month

Download our latest guide and uncover the top strategies to help your company foster and support female talent in the workplace year round.
✨ Uncover the crucial steps to promote pay equity
✨ Learn why diverse leadership teams are essential for success
✨ Explore which benefits create a supportive workplace for women
✨ Understand how employee feedback can help shape inclusive cultures