How The Muse’s BrandBuilder Powered Up Duo’s Employer Brand

Duo Security’s culture is built on the belief of enabling and empowering people to follow their passions inside and outside of the office. 

Duo Case Study

The Challenge

Duo Security was experiencing huge success as a fast-growing SaaS business, hitting milestones and winning awards, and found themselves needing to scale the team quickly. While they had a well-known and respected product brand, they wanted to take their employer brand to the next level. The company’s home base in Michigan and deep midwestern roots made it hard for them to compete for tech talent that tended to gravitate towards coastal cities. To hit their growth goals (as an HR team and as a company), it was important for Duo to give traditional recruiting a boost, with a focus on developing and sharing a compelling employer brand.

The Solution

Duo’s Director of Employer Brand, Ashley Vartyak, knew that the strongest and most authentic employer brands come from a company’s people, not just a group of decisionmakers brainstorming in a room somewhere. She also knew that the most effective way to get Duo’s brand out into the world would be through their own employees. To achieve this, Duo turned to BrandBuilder, The Muse’s employee storytelling tool, to capture real stories from their workforce at scale, and give Duo employees the chance to articulate what made their jobs uniquely great across teams and offices.

Duo employees were encouraged to think not only about their own roles but also about what made Duo special as an employer and how they, as individuals, were able to contribute to the growing company. This process would allow Duo to collect a rich data set (along with the employee stories) that provided crucial insights to help the company make informed, data-driven employer brand decisions. Finally, the tool would make it easy for people around the organization to opt-in as brand advocates with just one click.

The Results

The Duo team found that they were able to accomplish three key goals by deploying BrandBuilder. First, as Duo was expanding their product offering, it gave all employees the tools to tell their personal stories while also ensuring brand consistency for the company by providing an easy, scalable way for everyone to update their LinkedIn and professional profiles at once. Second, BrandBuilder allowed Duo to identify 64 new employee advocates to power the launch of an upcoming employee advocacy program, actively demonstrating how everyone in the organization can contribute to recruiting and make a real difference. Finally, it helped ensure that Duo was telling the most authentic and compelling stories about their team and culture through content on channels like The Muse.