How The Muse Helped Bozzuto Gain More Qualified Applicants in One Year

Bozzuto is an experience-focused real estate company that elevates people and communities through their powerful culture and unique expertise in development, construction, management, and homebuilding. They’ve been partnering with The Muse for over four years, most recently using our BrandBuilder tool to crowdsource stories and insights directly from their employees.

The Challenge

“We’re very dependent on making sure that we hire the right people, that they embrace our mission, that they find joy and happiness in serving others.”

— Kristen (Reese) Magni, Vice President, Talent & Culture at Bozzuto

Bozzuto was founded in 1988 with a vision to create sanctuary for all by delivering extraordinary experiences. As a generationally owned and independently operated family business, they invite employees, residents, and partners alike to build meaningful relationships and experience the exceptional feeling of home.

They had a solid foundation and an outstanding reputation within the industry, but there was no employer branding strategy in place for sharing that story authentically with both customers and candidates.

At the same time, Bozzuto was anticipating rapid and significant growth. They wanted to expand their team quickly and attract people who shared their values—all while continuing to build a rich family culture that’s every bit as passionate, inspiring, and vibrant as the communities they create and serve.

But, how could they do that when brand recognition was limited?

The Solution

“If somebody came to us through The Muse or hit our profile at some point in their research process, I know they are more informed than someone who saw our job posting on a job board or applied through another channel.”

— Kristen (Reese) Magni

Bozzuto needed to build out their talent acquisition function with a marketing strategy that showcased their company culture and engaged top talent, so they partnered with The Muse to create a company profile. Together, they captured photos of Bozzuto’s officesvideo testimonials from employees, and more insights about their team and work environment.

“We’ve been able to maximize what we get out of The Muse because their team is flexible enough to be able to make changes and improvements and adapt based on things that we’ve told them,” says Kristen (Reese) Magni, Vice President, Talent & Culture at Bozzuto.

A couple of years into the partnership, The Muse launched BrandBuilder, an easy-to-implement tool that empowers employees to share what’s most meaningful to them about their company’s culture and the employee experience, all by answering a series of short questions. Their responses uncover unique employee stories and insights including what employees do, what they’re good at, what they love about coming to work every day, and more. Employers can then use those stories and insights to build an authentic employer brand that resonates with the best-fit talent.

The Muse offered Bozzuto the platform so they could continue to make their brand and marketing strategy more robust. It was a great fit because while Bozzuto knew they had a strong base of tenured, happy employees, they needed a tool like BrandBuilder to actually find out what drives that happiness and motivates people to seek growth within the company (so they could share those stories with their larger audience).

The Results

“Consistency in our employer brand, from application through day-to-day employment, is one of our top priorities and we partnered with The Muse to assist us in carrying out this mission.”

— Kristen (Reese) Magni

Since partnering with The Muse, Bozzuto has been able to attract more informed candidates who understand their mission to create extraordinary living experiences for people.

Over the course of one year, Bozzuto received a significant increase in applications from people who were influenced by their Muse content.

Additionally, Bozzuto’s BrandBuilder results enabled them to build on the employer brand content originally captured for their company profile, incorporating their employee stories and insights into their larger recruitment marketing strategy.

As just one example, they used employee quotes to power their existing employee referral program. They turned those quotes into ready-to-post assets that their socially active employees use to engage with their personal networks and show potential candidates what it’s really like to work at Bozzuto.

They also feature employee quotes directly on their Muse profile to shine more light on what it’s really like to work at Bozzuto.