How Alight Enhanced Recruitment Efficiency by Partnering With Fairygodboss

Alight is a human capital and business partner to the world’s most influential companies, helping them get more out of their benefits, payroll and HR.

The Landscape

As many industry leaders acknowledge, it is challenging to quickly connect with qualified, active candidates. Fairygodboss is uniquely positioned to help solve this problem for clients. Our community of experienced and diverse women is eager to learn about companies that are committed to advancing equity in their workplaces. Through our Virtual Career Fairs, we create a curated experience that connects pre-screened registrants with our hiring partners, making the recruitment process efficient and rewarding for all those who participate.

The Outcomes

Alight, a leading cloud-based human capital technology and services provider, participated in a Fairygodboss Virtual Career Fair. Their goal? To connect with exceptional and diverse female talent, all while showcasing their brand nationwide. We interviewed Cara Adams, Director of Inclusion and Diversity to hear about Alight’s experience from participating in the event.

Watch the full interview here!

Here are a few key takeaways from that conversation:

“I am so excited to share that we’ve identified several top prospects who have been submitted to the hiring manager for interviews. Additionally, we’ve added other promising candidates to our talent community for future roles as they become available. Some very high-quality top talent was presented at the event, and recruiters are excited to stay connected with that talent.

Let me just say the experience, truly and honestly, surpassed our expectations while the event was going on. I was being pinged by the recruiters, and they were excited. They were saying, “we need to do this again next week,” and I’ve never had that before. I’ve planned many events within Alight, and their sheer excitement and engagement with the talent who they were meeting during the first Virtual Career Fair was much greater than I anticipated. It truly exceeded our expectations with the level of enthusiasm and engagement from the participants.

I would definitely recommend this event to other professionals in our industry. It was truly a platform to engage with talent and effectively showcase and brand our organization.In terms of time and effort, our team dedicated a reasonable amount of time and effort to prepare for this event. The streamlined approach allowed us to focus more on engagement, ensuring a positive and enriching experience for both our team and the event participants.”

— Cara Adams, Director of Inclusion and Diversity

Wondering what’s involved in a Fairygodboss Virtual Career Fair? For this event, Fairygodboss manages the pre- and post-event marketing, candidate screening, registration, pre-event training, and run-of-show — so you get to dedicate your time to engaging with the talented women in our community! This curated experience streamlines the recruitment process for both our talent community and hiring partners, resulting in an impactful virtual recruitment event that quickly connects diverse, qualified, and active candidates with companies that fit their goals.

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